Saturday, January 31, 2009


I happened to mention in an earlier post that I love to collect Cherubs..... Angels, too.  But, since this is the Season for Love with all of its Cupids and Cherubs, I thought I would take a little trip around my house and just see how many I have.  It's funny, when you start looking, you realize just how much your collection has grown.  There are several others sprinkled here and there in the garden.... resting on rock walls or sleeping amidst the plants, but.... since it's freezing outside I thought I would just share my indoor collection, and save the outside Cherubs, Garden Angels and Fairies for warmer days.... 

Let's start here with the tiniest one.  This little friend I stumbled upon in a shop while on vacation in Palm Beach.  It is a wine stopper, and since I so love my glass of wine after a long day, he's kept very busy keeping the bottles fresh.  Isn't he just the cutest?
Next, is another tiny cherub perching on a shell in my conservatory.  The shell is filled with glass seashells, starfish, and other sea creatures....

Next is a tiny Cherub which was a gift from my Mom.
Look closely.... she's sucking her thumb.... a favorite
pastime of mine when I was a tiny Cherub in my Mom's
This sitting Cherub is perched at the base of a Grandmother clock in my foyer.

This one sits on top of a bookshelf.

Remember these?  This vignette was featured at Christmas.  See the tiny
Cherubs on top of this family photo.  This was a photo taken at
my son's engagement party last September.  One day
I will do a post about the house in the background....
 it belongs to the man that I am dating......

And last, but not least.... this huge wall hanging that sits over
my tub.  It looks like it's made of stone,  but ..... surprise
it is as light as a feather it's made of that faux stone...
I've fooled many people.... especially 
the man that hung it for me! 
What do you love to collect?


Dawnie said...

You know I dont collect anything..I have quite a few M'M stuffed cuties but really thats it. I never did get into anything.

I do love your cherubs..I think my favorite is the one in your conservatory. I also think ones outside would be nice to have. Each spring I add more items to my outside decor...I like the whimsical, neat things that you come across as you walk around the yard. Perhaps that would be my collection--things that capture your eye as you walk around!

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Carol, Love Love Love your cherubs! I too have collected cherubs over the years, but somehow along the way many have flown away. ;( Your post today reminds me why I love them so much and have to call them back home. I was in my early 20's before I started collecting anything. I recall the first was "lambs"...and I was really into country then. I still love lambs and have a "few" of them left in my now "Romantic" style of decorating...but my absolute favorite of your cherubs is the one your Mom gave you with the lil thing sucking her thumb. That is precious...I also love the one out in the conservatory! Thanks for sharing today...a very lovely way to kick off Feb post! Filled with something that symbolizes love... ~CC Catherine

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Carol, :)
Love all your Cherubs! Especially the gorgeous gold frame. How pretty.
I have never really collected amything before. Although my husband would say I'm starting quite a collection of iron and wood toppers lately. LOL!

Have a great Sunday.
~Melissa ;)
Look for my first giveaway a little later today!

marty39 said...

Oh they're all so precious. I can see why you picked each one. I don't think I could pick a favorite. Great collection. Hugs, Marty

Bo said...

I love cherubs & angels too...I don't have as many as you but I do adore the way they look! ;-) Bo

texasdaisey said...

Great collection. They do always seem to grow don't they?

Daisy Cottage said...

Good Morning Carol!
Oh your cherubs are so sweet - especially the one from your Mom! I hope you have a great day and I'm going to sip a little more coffee and catch up with you..(seeing as how my bed is made and all). ;-)

Happy @ Home said...

What a lovely collection of cherubs. I enjoyed seeing them all and especially love the tiny one in the wine bottle.

nikkicrumpet said...

What a beautiful collection. I really don't collect anything....except chocolate wrappers lol

JennyM said...

I love cherubs and angels also!!!
I just e-maield you!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carol, I love your cherubs. I collect them too. I noticed this one today and thought you might appreciate it:

When The Best Things In Life Come In Small Packages!! Happy Birthday, We all Love You So Much!!


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My Store, Meadowsweet, Northport, NY
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