Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The holiday season has arrived and it has become a bit like the North Pole at Meadowsweet with orders for holiday wreaths and arrangements coming in. We're all working like little elves to fill the orders and decorate the store as well. We're gearing up for the infamous "Black Friday" when the holiday shopping and decorating season will officially begin. We will be up to our elbows in ribbons and bows from now until December 24.

I thought I would share one of our newest designs because it is a bit different from the traditional Christmas wreath. This one is done with bronze glittery hydrangeas, ornaments and peacock feathers. I just love the look, and I think I just might design a matching garland for the mantle. Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and I love it!


Roseny Crisp said...

Bela guirlanda
e bela loja.

Bela puddening
and beautiful store.

CIELO said...



ShabbyInTheCity said...

So gorgeous!
You asked me about the blog clock:

Dawnie said...

I love your blog. Your work is stunning. I wish I would have found your little giveaway,,,its beautiful.

If you wouldnt mind,,I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipe for spaghetti sauce. If its family secret and you dont want to--I understand.

Dawnie said...

I visited your website today and its beyond beautiful. So many beautiful things. I miss that where i live, we have virtually nothing here..this town needs to get some "life" into it. I would leave in a minute if my 5 children and grandchildren were not here. When i went to Las Vegas last May, I found a grocery store that had the most beautiful flower arrangements I had ever seen. It was during Memorial Day time and one took my breath away. It was like 50 dollars which I thought was to cheap for how beautiful it was. I wanted to buy it--but we drove there so I knew it wouldnt survive a 3 day road home.

Anonymous said...

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When The Best Things In Life Come In Small Packages!! Happy Birthday, We all Love You So Much!!


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My Store, Meadowsweet, Northport, NY
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