Monday, October 13, 2008

When the Nest Doesn't Stay Empty for Long......

Some of you have emailed me asking about the huge dog in the photo with me in my  About Me section. So I thought I would share a little story and introduce you to some of the other members of my family.  
When my son, Bill, graduated from college he and some friends got their own apartment.  One day, while shopping in a local mall, they came across this adorable Bichon/Poodle puppy.  Who could resist?  So "Bruno" came home to live with the guys.  Well, that was only fun for about two weeks when the reality of raising a puppy in an apartment set in.  Long story short, Bruno came over on the ferry from Connecticut to live with good old Mom, was renamed "Teddy" and has lived with us happily ever after.   
Tim, my middle son, and his fiancee Lara, decided  one day that they would like to have a puppy of their own so please welcome "Jet" a Miniature Pinscher named as such because Tim is a pilot.  Jet is my grand-dog who spends many days with me in the store and has become our Meadowsweet mascot who's loved and enjoyed by the customers.
And, last but not least, Kobe-- the huge Standard Poodle in the picture.  Sometimes life will take you on unexpected turns by literally making the wrong turn in the road.   It was the summer before last when my daughter, Tierney, was preparing to leave for college and I was already missing her and facing the empty nest.  A wrong turn in the road that summer day led me to a town in the Hamptons where I saw this adorable poodle puppy with a woman.  I only stopped to comment on how cute he was and she told me he was for sale....... Need I say more........ 


Neabear said...

You have your hands full with the pooches. Sounds like they are fun though.

Meadowsweet Days said...

Wouldn't be home without them! Though there are days......... :)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Dogs are great! I would have more if I had more room!

Anonymous said...

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